World's most developed smart cane
for visually impaired people

What is WeWALK?

WeWALK is a smart white cane designed for the visually disabled. It offers 3 revolutionary features.

Obstacle Detection

Easily detects and warns the user about obstacles at breast and head level such as signs, poles, branches, etc.

Phone Integration

With WeWALK application, it provide integrations like in-door navigation when connected to mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Open Platform

Developers from all around the world, can develop applications or add integrations for WeWALK. So, it obtains new features through developments in technology.

WeWALK Design

WeWALK’s design is based on three essential criteria;

  • Ergonomic

  • Easy to Understand

  • Safe

The one-piece structure of the handle of WeWALK adjusts to all kinds of hands and various holding styles.

The purpose of various materials used on its plain structure allows WeWALK to express itself to its user in a quick and reliable way even though the product is only perceived with the sense of touch.

Main form of WeWALK is based on clear and natural lines. Thus, WeWALK turns into a reliable product without exceeding the ergonomics and area of use that the users are familiar with allowing for quick and easy adoption.

Initial Applications

The first integration of WeWALK is the Road Mate service from My Dream Companion, launched with YGA and Turkcell collaboration, facilitating the lives of 200 thousand people with disabilities.
Thanks to Road Mate technology of My Dream Companion, WeWALK will accompany the visually disabled and take them to the stores they like to visit in shopping malls.

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Project Process

  • May 2016

    Accessible Hackathon

    The winner of Hackathon with “obstacle-detecting eyewear” project seized an opportunity to develop their projects with YGA engineers.

  • July-August 2016


    Hackathon Team worked with the members of visually disabled Advisory Board for an intensive 3-month long R&D process.
    The team improving WeWALK with the feedback from Advisory Board developed 3 essential features.

  • September-October 2016

    Industrial Design

    Following the prototype developed by the hackathon team, the industrial design process has begun to provide a better user experience for a wider audience.

  • Crowd


WeWALK Contains

WeWALK consists of many cutting-edge technology parts. A powerful internal rechargeable battery comes as standard for long-lasting use. You may charge the device using the USB port. It features a software for operation with a microprocessor when not connected to the phone. It can be remote controlled and accessed using the touchpad, vibration motors, ultrasonic sensor, compass and LEDs when connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

Obstacle Detection Mode

In the operating mode, it detects the obstacles at predefined distances with its ultrasonic sensor and warns the user with the vibration motors located on both sides. Those features can be customized according to the user preference once connected to the phone.

Phone Integration

Smartphone control capability of WeWALK provides unique features via Bluetooth. Touchpad on the white cane enables visually disabled to control the smartphone in the way they are familiar with. You can use all functions of your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket thanks to the touchpad that simulates screen touches. This feature is available only on Android phones for the time being.

Open Platform

All application developers can connect to the device via WeWALK SDK and retrieve current sensor and touchpad inputs, and moreover, send any desired commands to the device using vibration motors and LEDs. Many applications only limited to your imagination will be integrated with the device.

Project Team

Kürşat Ceylan

YGA Visually Disabled Individuals Project Leader

Can Kavanoz

YGA Executive Board Member

Mesut Yılmaz

YGA Volunteer

Eren Erdoğan

GA Graduate - POI Labs

Gökhan Meriçliler

CEO - POI Labs

Project Consultants

Salih Zeki Çimen

YGA Graduate - Arıkovanı

Gamze Sofuoğlu

YGA Graduate - Turkcell Product Manager

Yunus Tarık

YGA Volunteer

Kerim Altınok

YGA Dream Companion - Writer & Composer

Selim Altınok

YGA Dream Companion - Writer & Composer

Duygu Kayaman

YGA Graduate - Microsoft

Y. Burak Savak

Vestel Software Development Group Manager

WeWALK Contributors

Mete A. Mordağ

Industrial Designer – Mordag Design

Tülin Yücel

YGA Executive Board Member

Baha Topbaş

YGA Volunteer

Burak Onat Bilgiç

YGA Volunteer

Hale Yazgı Günbatı

YGA Volunteer

Aykut Arabacıoğlu

WeWALK Project Team Member

Kürşat Eren Uzun

WeWALK Project Team Member

Mert Kaya

WeWALK Project Team Member

Mehmet Ali Baysal

WeWALK Project Team Member

WeWALK Empowerers

We would like to thank Vestel for providing all kinds of experience in the field of manufacturing without any profit motive to WeWALK and supporting us all the way.

Also, thanks to Orhan Irmak Design, infoTRON and OpenFab for their voluntary support.

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