Frequently Asked Questions

How WeWALK Integrations work, can any application be integrated with WeWALK?

WeWALK skills called as integrations, which developed with online or offline services, can be controlled through the WeWALK smart cane.
WeWALK's integrations use SDKs or web services that distributed by service providers. WeWALK cannot be integrated with an application, but it can be integrated with the service provided by the application owners.
Now, WeWALK has Google Maps and Amazon Alexa integrations. These integrations use services provided by Google and Amazon.

How can I integrate WeWALK into my own application?

In order to integrate WeWALK with an application, application should provide services or SDKs publicly open.
The requirements for services vary according to the usage scenario. If you want to integrate your application with WeWALK, you can contact [email protected] by sending an e-mail to explain the use case scenario for your application or service.

What is the voice menu?

Voice menu, is an interface that enables WeWALK capabilities to be started and controlled via WeWALK cane. You can navigate through the menu by slide gestures, and activate options with double click gesture. You may see an example of the voice menu, you can take a look to “How to get navigation with voice menu?” question.

How do I get navigation with WeWALK?

You can use WeWALK mobile app or WeWALK's voice menu to get navigation through WeWALK cane.
To get navigation through the application or smart cane, firstly you should search for a location or save a location, then you should start navigation through the voice menu or application. See the following topics for detailed description.

How to search and add a location in WeWALK?

The location can be added from the WeWALK application or via WeWALK cane.
To add a location via application, go to the Integrations page and Navigation screen, tap to “Get Navigation” button. On the opened screen you can search for locations within a certain distance. When you select one of the locations, you can start navigation to that location, or you can save that location by tapping to the “Save location” button at the top of the screen, to use later.
To save location through WeWALK cane, activate voice menu by double tap, then follow this path: “Navigation” - “Save Location”

How to navigate with voice menu?

You can follow the flow below to get navigation through the voice menu;
  1. Activate the voice menu by double-click on WeWALK touchpad.
  2. In the menu, swipe left or right to find “Navigation” and double-tap.
  3. Swipe to the right or left to find “Start” option. (Other options are “Where I am” and ”Save My Location“) Double-tap when you on “Start” option.
  4. Saved locations will be listed here. If you do not have any saved location, you will need to save a location first. (See “How to search and add a location in WeWALK?” topic for saving location.)
  5. Navigation will be started when one of the saved locations is selected by double tap.
  6. When navigation starts, you can move between steps with swiping gestures to left or right.
  7. During the navigation, you can access to “Save Location” or brief options by up / down swipes. With Brief option, you can get a brief overview of the navigation progress. Also “Save Location” option, saves the current point with a default name.