Changing your White Cane’s Tip

You can replace the tip of the cane included in the WeWALK box with the tip of your previous cane or with any other tip. To replace the tip, follow the steps below:1. Grasp the bottom section of the cane with one hand and pull the tip away from the cane with the other. If it does not come off, gently rotate the tip to loosen it.
2. Pull the tip a few centimeters away from the cane until the elastic is taught.
3. Unhook the old tip from the bottom of the elastic. During this process, do not allow the elastic to be pulled into the cane, or it may be difficult to retrieve it.
4. Hook the new tip onto the elastic in the same way the old tip was attached.
5. Holding the cane straight up, tap it firmly on the ground a few times to make sure the tip is securely attached to the bottom of the cane. /p>


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