What Are the Features of Voice Menu

Go to the tutorial tab located at the bottom of the screen in the app.

  • Gesture Training: You can control your WeWALK by performing certain gestures on WeWALK’s touchpad. You can learn how to perform these gestures from this menu. Make sure that your WeWALK is connected before starting the gesture training. This exercise has been added to make you familiar with the sensitivity of the touchpad. Click here to learn what each gesture does.
  • Device Sounds: Here you can learn all the sounds WeWALK plays and what they mean.
  • User Guide: The accessible version of the user guide included in the WeWALK box can be found here.
  • How Can I Purchase WeWALK? If you are a user of the WeWALK app and would like to purchase WeWALK, you can order it from here, or visit www.wewalk.io.
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