Introducing the Revolutionary Smart Cane WeWALK

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A non-profit organization called YGA, located in London and Istanbul is developing a smart cane for the blind and visually impaired.

WeWALK has three main features:

  1. It will be able to detect obstacles that are above the chest and head levels through its ultrasonic sensor.
  2. Smartphone integration. blind people will be able to control their smartphones via WeWALK’s touchpad and be able to receive turn-by-turn Google Maps 
    navigation via WeWALK.
  3. WeWALK is open platform, meaning that WeWALK will be able to gain new features with integrations such as Uber, Lyft, and Amazon Alexa.


“Beyond being just a product, WeWALK is a social platform and a movement which unites all blind people in the world, creates awareness in society, and fosters accessibility, social inclusion, more and equal participation in social life,” YGA said.

YGA has initiated a fundraising project on the Indiegogo platform. So far the company has raised $9,615 USD of $250,000 with a month left.

You can pre-order the smart cane at 30% off today for yourself or a loved one for $349 USD + Shipping with an estimated delivery date on December 2018.

Ships to: Canada, European Union, Japan, Singapore and United States.

What is YGA?

YGA is a non-profit organization centered in London and Istanbul, focusing on developing innovative Technologies for the blind. The company’s previous projects include indoor navigation for the blind in shopping malls, which made 30 shopping malls, 12 cities and more than 2000000 square meters accessible for the blind.

The company also developed an audio description for movie theaters project, allowing blind people to access audio description for over 100 movies by using their smartphones in their preferred choice of theater.