"Smart Cane Helps Visually Impaired "SEE" Obstacles

Our Co-Founder Kür┼čat Ceylan on CNN International Live! Click for watch full interview!

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WeWalk 'Smart' Cane For People With Visual Impairments

Watch our video on Now This!

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WeWALK was shown as One of 22 The Most Innovative Technologies by Forbes!

Visit one of the most innovative technology in CES, Las Vegas!

CES 2019 is literally just around the corner.Although the world's largest technology tradeshow doesn't open for another few days in...

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Once Awarded to Elon Musk, WeWALK Now Brings It to Turkey!

WeWALK smart cane is Gold Winner in Edison Awards!

WeWALK smart cane won the 'gold' award in the Health & Wellness category in the awards organization that has been the name of...

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