Summary of WeWALK Gestures

Gestures on WeWALK are best performed when the cane is held normally, with the touchpad and ultrasonic sensor facing upwards and slightly forward.

A. Swipe from left to right: Announces the next item.
B. Swipe from right to left: Announces the previous item.
C. Double tap: Activates the current item.
D. Double tap and hold: Activates the horn or microphone. Which feature this gesture triggers can be set in the ‘preferences’ tab.
E. Swipe forward or backward with one finger: Used to navigate between items in various screens or to go back to the previous menu.
F. Swipe forward or backward with two fingers: Turns the obstacle detection feature on or off.
G. Pinch the touchpad with two fingers: Turns WeWALK’s LED light on or off.

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WeWALK Smart Cane

Smart Cane for the Visually Impaired