The WeWALK Home Screen

Accessing the Home Screen: The Home Screen can be found by clicking the home tab at the bottom of the screen. This is WeWALK’s main screen which the app will open to when launched. Here, you will see your current location at the top. If you think your location is wrong, you can refresh your location with the ‘Refresh my location’ button located next to the location.

  • Connecting and Disconnecting WeWALK: The ‘Connect WeWALK’ button is used to connect WeWALK. If WeWALK is connected, the connection and battery status can be seen here. The battery status of WeWALK is displayed in four levels: 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%. You can disconnect WeWALK from your phone by tapping ‘Disconnect WeWALK’.
  • Where is my WeWALK? When this button is clicked, WeWALK plays a sound to help you find your cane.
  • Nearby Stops: This feature notifies you of the arrival time of buses approaching the bus stops near you in supported cities. You can use this feature through the voice menu without taking your phone out of your pocket or using the application interface. (This feature is currently only available in Istanbul and can be implemented in different countries and cities upon your request).
  • Get Navigation: Clicking this button opens a search field where you can start navigation by typing the name of a destination.
  • Save Current Location: You can save your current location to navigate here at a later time. For example, we recommend you save frequently used locations such as home and work. Clicking on this button opens a text field where you can name your saved location and finish by clicking on the ‘save’ button.
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