WeWALK smart cane improves safety & access for the blind

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WeWALK is not just an amazing new digital product that combines a traditional mobility cane for the blind with smart phone technology, it is a movement and a social platform that strives to unite blind people worldwide, creating awareness, accessibility and social inclusion for all people.

The WeWALK smart cane is still in development and will have three main features:

  • It will be able to detect obstacles that are above the chest and head levels through its ultrasonic sensor.
  • Smartphone integration. Blind people will be able to control their smartphones via WeWALK’s touchpad and be able to receive turn-by-turn Google Maps navigation via WeWALK.
  • WeWALK is open platform, meaning that WeWALK will be able to gain new features with integrations such as Uber, Lyft, and Amazon Alexa.

WeWALK has been developed by YGA (Young Guru Academy) in London, United Kingdom.  In 2018 WeWALK was named the Gold Edison Award Winner in the Vision Enhancement category.  WeWALK has received endorsements and coverage from Dr. Oz, Glomo Awards, Forbes 30 under 30, Innovators Under 35 and has partners with the Helen Keller Services for the Blind, Perkins, NFB, CES, CSUN, and many more. 

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