WeWALK was shown as One of 22 The Most Innovative Technologies by Forbes!

Visit one of the most innovative technology in CES, Las Vegas!

CES 2019 is literally just around the corner.

Although the world’s largest technology tradeshow doesn’t open for another few days in Las Vegas, I will be there from tomorrow to get a first peek at some of the 1,400+ startups that will be at Eureka Park, the startup showcase at CES.

But before I land at ground zero of the planet’s biggest future technologies lab, I figured I’d highlight the 22 startup finalists that will pitch on stage at CES, competing at Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) and at ShowStoppers’ LaunchIt, the official competition for startups exhibiting at Eureka Park.

  1. WeWALK reinvented the white cane for the visually impaired. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, WeWalk’s smart cane can detect obstacles above chest level using an ultrasonic sensor and vibrates to warn the user and get navigation instructions without having to carry the smartphone in the hand.
  2. Einride vows to disrupt the unsustainable transportation industry, making the movement of goods more intelligent (emission-free, safe, and cost-efficient) by building interconnected, all-electric, autonomous trucks or “T-pods.”
  3. Elevian develops regenerative medicines, with the potential to treat and prevent many age-related diseases and extend healthy lifespan, targeting a fundamental mechanism of aging: regenerative capacity, our body’s ability to heal itself, which declines with age.
  4. FenSens (for fender sensor) is a wireless parking sensor hidden in a license plate holder that helps drivers parallel park. It can be installed on any car in less than five minutes and is wire-free.
  5. Last Of Ours brings people together to protect the planet’s endangered species and natural zones by creating a digital mirror on the blockchain where every unique token represents a real endangered animal living in the wild, one-to-one.
  6. Liven is a rewards-based lifestyle payment platform out of Australia that connects users, merchants, charities in a seamless payments experience powered by the blockchain. Liven allows users to discover new experiences, pay bills and earn a meaningful reward that they can use anywhere within Liven’s network with a transparent dollar-value, or share with a charity of their choosing.

For full list of startups: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeanbaptiste/2019/01/05/22-startups-to-watch-at-ces-2019/?fbclid=IwAR0S75rxi-Mjyx42gwIIIPUd7c3EabSQrk9b1TM_D02R-Ym1rz7kgyEDpY8#d3418e5e5b7e