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We are thrilled to have produced WeWALK’s official crowdsourcing video for Indiegogo and honored to have worked YOUNG GURU ACADEMY Vestel and Dr. Mehmet Oz who are all great sources of inspiration for all!

TFM Crew  
Producer: Ezgi Uzun  
Executive Producer: Duygu Aktan  
Director: Süha Kilvaş  
Production Assistant: Tuğberk Özpir

Did you know that there are about 10 million visually impaired people in the U.S alone? 
And 150 million people in the world.. 
We believe that we can do better!

Introducing WeWALK 
A revolutionary technology for visually impaired changes all of the rules! 
A fully independent, safe and social life for blind is possible.

  • A customizable ultrasonic censor warns the user against unexpected overhead obstacles with vibrating motors both side
  • With integrated apps connected via Bluetooth such as Google Maps, you can use your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket which leaves one hand free
  • A touchpad on the white cane enables the visually disable to control the smartphone a way they are familiar
  • all the developers can build and integration for the WeWALK device
  • In the near future more smartphone apps will be integrated with WeWALK
  • Voice assistant and ride-sharing apps just a few examples to begin withAll these advanced tech is put together by team of experts Vestel and Young Guru Academy
  • Support WeWalk! or more video