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WeWALK User Onboarding and Training

WeWALK offers online 1-on-1 training sessions for all WeWALK smart cane users. At WeWALK, we understand that learning new technology can be overwhelming. In addition to our accessible audio, video, and written tutorials, we are proud to offer a Basic and Premium training program, so that our users can quickly get started with using their smart cane. The trainings take place online and are taught by our WeWALK Specialists. and are taught by our WeWALK Specialists.

You can sign up for your training session by selecting a date/time that works best for your schedule. Please note that the training sessions are only offered in English and Turkish languages at this time.


Basic Training: All WeWALK Smart Cane owners can receive 1 free, 30-minute online training session. It covers information such as how to hold your cane, how to use the obstacle detection, and how to use the core features of the WeWALK app. This training program is ideal for those who are already comfortable with using other types of technology such as smartphones and computers.

Premium Training: Our Premium training program is a comprehensive training curriculum which consists of two online training sessions, which are approximately 1 hour each. Premium training can be purchased by clicking HERE. This training program is geared for those who prefer training to be spread out over multiple sessions. Think of it has having a personalized instructor to help you become an expert with using your smart cane.

Buy Premium Training

Premium training offers:

  • A personalized training experience that your WeWALK Specialist will design for you based on your independence level, technology familiarity, and areas that you want to focus on.
  • Two hours of detailed, expert training from our WeWALK Specialists to help you on your journey towards independence. Not only will you learn how to use your smart cane’s features, but how to apply them in your daily life.
  • AI Mobility (AIM) beta access, which is a technology developed by WeWALK and uses smart cane hardware and AI to allow our team to better understand your usage habits. Data is collected and used to help make recommendations so that you feel more confident with navigating and exploring the world around you.