What is WeWALK?

There is an estimated number of over 250 million visually impaired people (World Health Organization) in the world and 50 million are using a cane.

Since the beginning of the white cane usage it never got innovated and visually impaired individuals faced problems like coming across above chest obstacles. WeWALK solves this problem and adds more to it through smartphone integration.

The World's Most Innovative Smart Cane

Detects Obstacles

WeWALK detects obstacles above chest level with ultrasonic sensor and warns with vibration.

Paired with Phone

When paired with WeWALK application, actions such as getting navigation can be performed on WeWALK easily without taking the phone at hand. 

Evolves with Integrations

Each integration developed for WeWALK brings new features to WeWALK with software updates. WeWALK is integrated with Voice Assistant and Google Maps. 

Partners & Supporters

Hellen Keller Foundation
Guide Dogs
Orhan Irmak
Mordag Design
Brooklyn Borough

Let’s WeWALK Together

If you want to make a change, buy now. You can buy for yourself or you can donate a WeWALK for changing the life of the visually impaired community.

Starting from $499

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