Welcome to WeWALK Family!

We are very excited to start walking together. We have prepared some content so that you can enjoy all the features of WeWALK.

You can start exploring what you can do with WeWALK by following the steps below.

Download the WeWALK App
Download the WeWALK application to your smartphone to use all the features of the WeWALK smart cane.
Go to WeWALK App
By going to the ‘Tutorial’ tab in the WeWALK Application Click on the ‘WeWALK 1o1’ button. You can discover the features by listening to the audio narratives that we have created for you.
Go to Youtube Video Tutorials

You can listen to audio and video content on Youtube.

Schedule Online Training:

WeWALK offers free 1-on-1 training session for all WeWALK smart cane users. You can sign up for your training session by selecting a date/time that works best for your schedule by selecting the “Book Now” button below. Please note that the training sessions are only offered in English and Turkish languages at this time.


Looking for Other Languages?

Please check our Portuguese, German, Spanish and Italian pages.