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Frequently Asked Questions

You can click this link for purchasing a WeWALK: https://wewalk.io/product/wewalk-smart-cane/

WeWALK is designed for all visually impaired individuals. We send WeWALK Smart Cane with white cane (with handle part it is 138 cm). But upon your request we can change its height.

WeWALK supports the following languages:
If you want different language, you can contact us.

We don’t have any donation or financial support for now but we can keep your data and inform you if there is any possibility in the future.
Please fill the survey on the link.

You can see all measurements as inches below:

80 cm – 31 inches
95 cm – 37 inches
110 cm – 43 inches
135 cm – 53 inches
150 cm – 59 inches
165 cm – 65 inches

You can see all measurements as feet below:

80 cm – 2.6 feet
95 cm – 3.1 feet
110 cm – 3.6 feet
135 cm – 4.4 feet
150 cm – 4.9 feet
165 cm – 5.4 feet

You can charge the battery 2 hours and use it for 20 hours!

We have 1 year-warranty and 15 days return policy.

The WeWALK Box include smart part, foldable aluminum white cane, charger, a boost drop, additional, screw, braille information page and user guide.

Yes, WeWALK is usable in all countries. However, WeWALK supports some languages. See all supported languages.

If you have purchased a WeWALK, you can request an online training. After determining the appropriate day and time, our customer support team performs this training. You can use this form to join online training: https://calendly.com/wewalkio/15min

If you have a technical problem, you should send e-mail describing your problem. ([email protected]) or you can write us on Facebook. We’ll reply you within 24 hours.

If you are mobility trainer, you can try WeWALK smart cane. Firstly, you should fill up this form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes, we send a foldable aluminum white cane in the WeWALK box.

You can visit Guide page. This page includes all usage details.

You can hear WeWALK’s sound from the video on the link. We don’t have any feature for changing voice speed and voice type now.

We paid the shipping cost for you but because of we’re shipping internationally there can be some duty fees and taxes in your country’s custom. In some countries government refund your money because WeWALK is a product for disabled people.

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