Accessible education resources for coding

Accessible Education Resources for Coding

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One of the most popular topics today is learning how to code. Students and everyone else who works professionally in different fields are learning to code.

On these days when we all have to stay at home, we would like to share some accessible resources that teach coding.

Python Resources:

Python is a coding language generally recommended for fresh learners. You can start coding with this language which is similar to our speaking language.

For learning Python, I will also recommend a free book for Python where all lectures and examples are accessible. The book first teaches the basics of python, then gives different exercises and challenges. You can access the book here. You can also use its own official documentation on the page.

Go to book

Free Code Camp

Their mission is to help people learn coding for free. It accomplishes this by creating thousands of videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons. 

Moreover, their written education is also accessible. After explaining the subject, the instructor asks you to write and test your own code with the code editor on the page.

Free code Camp

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a worldwide non-profit educational platform. At Khan Academy, you can get not only programming but many different pieces of training. Initial training on programming is also a sufficient resource to start. Videos have a transcript and you can read it if you miss anything on the video.

Computer Programing on Khan Academy

You can browse the Khan Academy’s accessibility page here.

In this article, we shared accessible resources that are helpful for learning how to code. In addition to this training, there may be many more educational resources that are accessible. If you use something different, you can share it as a comment. In the next article, we will share some practical information about coding.

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