Practices for Using Navigation

Practices for Using Navigation

To consolidate the use of navigation, you should learn the working principles and terminology of navigation systems by getting navigation to the locations you will go to many times. This is all based on practice. In this section, we will suggest different navigation scenarios so that you can reinforce using navigation.

1. Reinforce directional concepts

a. If you have not used navigation before or are having problems with the directions in the navigations, you can practice in your area for the direction you prefer. We recommend clockwise directions for a more efficient navigation experience. If you are going to use the clockwise directions, you can first practice the clockwise directions in a place you know and try to understand which direction corresponds to where. Then, by opening the application, you can try to understand a location according to you clockwise and continue to find where the location is by turning around. However, we think that you can fit the concepts of direction in general.

2. Save three places you frequent

a. While navigating, you can save locations so that you can quickly navigate to that location.
i. Can save your current location
ii. Can save location from explore or transit screen
iii. You can save a location by searching the search field by pressing the get navigation button.
By using these methods, you can save three addresses you frequently go to. If you save your current location, you can get more accurate navigation.

3. Navigate to one of the locations you saved.

Start somewhere, preferably not too far away and walk navigatio
a. Try the steps mentioned in section 3. You may prefer a location with quieter roads as much as possible. A route with major streets and intersections will not be a good option for your first attempts.

4. After your first navigation, you can choose a route with different streets but not wide and complex areas such as intersections for your next navigation.

5. Finally, you can get navigation with intersections, parks, seaside, and similar areas. In this navigation, you can try to go to a farther location than other locations.

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Practices for Using Navigation