Shane’s WeWALK Experience

My name is Shane o Malley. I am a motor technician from Ireland. I lost my eyesight in an accident in 2012.

Since getting WeWALK I have found getting around the garage to be a lot easier due to the obstacle detection. The town where I work has a lot of obstacles on the footpaths like sandwich boards and barrels so the cane also helps with these.

In my workplace, a lot of the obstacles would be either on the floor or at around hip height so during the day and when I was using my normal white cane I would end up bumping and hitting off stuff a lot and tends to get very frustrating. I read the advertisement for WeWALK on a crowdfunding site and I thought it would be worth a chance to see how it worked and to see would it help in my day to day mobility. When it came it was very easy to put together and with the instructions, you got on the Internet and the app made it very easy to use.

At the start, I had a little trouble using the app but when I got in contact with WeWALK it was sorted out very quickly. This Cane has made a huge difference in my day-to-day life. It is very handy being able to use the cane and not have to take your phone out of your pocket for the likes of navigation as I always use navigation with my Bluetooth earphones. Things I would like to see added in further updates would be the likes of firmware updates done over the air. At the moment there is a section in the app but every time I go into it says it is not available.

We walk is a brilliant mobility aid but like everything, it does take practice to get the most out of it.

I would like to say a big thanks to WeWALK and everyone who is involved in developing this Cane for the Blind.

Hopefully, there will be more advances like this in the near future.

Shane o Malley, WeWALK User

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