WeWALK Program Terms & Conditions

WeWALK Program Terms & Conditions

At Assistive Tech, Inc. (“WeWALK”) with its Delaware State File Number 6662790, we enhance the mobility of visually impaired people through the revolutionary smart cane and smartphone app. To help the fundraisers reach their goal in obtaining WeWALK’s revolutionary technology, WeWALK will offer the fundraiser support services and access to our exclusive fundraising platform to help the fundraiser reach their goals.

WeWALK’s online fundraising platform has been a successful tool in helping people reach their goal in getting WeWALK smart cane. Typically, online fundraising can be time consuming, while carrying an additional cost to the individual. There are several online fundraising platforms, but they may take between 10%-15% of the amount raised (or in some cases, upwards of this).

In addition, the WeWALK Fundraising Program also offers the fundraiser:

  1. Access to our exclusive on-line peer-to-peer fundraising platform, with all fees covered by WeWALK.
  2. Assistance in setting up the fundraiser’s personal fundraising page on our exclusive fundraising platform, should the fundraiser require it.
  3. Templates, documents, and other resources to use for the fundraiser’s fundraising campaign such as an introduction story template.
By joining this program, the fundraiser agrees to the following terms and conditions:
  1. I agree that every dollar raised through WeWALK’s online fundraising platform will go directly towards my WeWALK smart cane (or directly towards someone else’s WeWALK smart cane, depending on the situation), and nothing else.
  2. I agree that, while there is no charge for the company’s assistance, all money raised will be directed to an account established and controlled by the company in my name.
  3. I agree that, if my account becomes inactive (1 year after initial activation or later at the discretion of WeWALK), I understand that all money raised will go into the WeWALK Fund, to be used to help someone else purchase their WeWALK Smart Cane.
  4. I agree that, if I raise more than the amount required to purchase WeWALK smart cane, the excess amount will remain at WeWALK and will be collected in a pool and used to buy WeWALK Smart Cane when it is sufficient by WeWALK
  5. I agree that WeWALK may use my story and any images and videos associated with my campaign, to assist in raising money for fundraising campaigns for WeWALK. This includes, but is not limited to traditional media, social media, direct mail, and reaching out to service clubs, government agencies, individuals or corporations.
  6. I agree that if for any reason I return my unit to WeWALK, I am unable to obtain a refund. I will have the option to donate it to another person that is in need.
  7. I agree that I am solely responsible and liable for all aspects of the fundraising activities that I undertake, including, but not limited to, the safe and lawful conduct of any fundraising activities.
  8. I agree that WeWALK may share my name, images and story to third party non-profit organizations, charities and foundations to support raising money through their fundraising campaigns for WeWALK.
Release and Waiver Form

This Release and Waiver Form (collectively, the “Release”) shall be subject to the laws of the State or Province in which the fundraiser resides. In the event any provision of this Release is deemed unenforceable by law, (i) WeWALK shall have the right to modify such provision to the extent necessary to be deemed enforceable; and (ii) all other provisions of this Release shall remain in full force and effect.

As the Fundraiser, I understand that I have given up substantial rights by agreeing to this Release, and have agreed to it freely and voluntarily without any inducement, assurance or guarantee being made to me and intend for my agreement to be a complete and unconditional release of liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.