What’s New on WeWALK’s App?

What’s New on iOS App?

In this version, the WeWALK app has been completely refreshed! What’s more, this version brings great innovations to your WeWALK cane.

First, we’ve upgraded WeWALK’s screens. Now we’ve become fully available for the low vision users! You can control the size and colors of the texts with the visual preferences feature. Also, we just want to announce it again; you don’t need a WeWALK cane to use the WeWALK application.

Now we have another great new feature! You will be informed directly through WeWALK about which bus will arrive and when at the bus stop. This feature is available only via WeWALK canes. You can try it now by finding the “stops around me” option in the cane’s menu. Double-click the WeWALK touchpad to open the menu.

Note: Currently, this feature is only available in Istanbul. Please contact us for the demands of different cities.

We were aware that the sound of the WeWALK cane was low when we were using the WeWALK cane. We’ve been working on this for a while. And now, WeWALK’s voice is louder. To try it out now, connect your WeWALK cane to your phone and double-click the WeWALK touchpad. Besides that, we also solved the problem of occasional sound distortion when using the WeWALK application.

The integrations screen was a bit confusing; We’ve moved features such as start navigation, view the current location and save location to the homepage.

Now, you can see where you are at any time directly on the WeWALK home screen.

Now, to connect the WeWALK cane to your phone, just open the application and your WeWALK cane. It will automatically connect to your phone.

We’ve now gathered preferences and settings in one place, in the preferences tab. The integrations tab is now replaced by the homepage and preferences tab.

With the arrangements we have made on the profile screen, there is now a simpler screen and we have made some improvements for data management. In the meantime, you must log in with your WeWALK account. If you have any problems, it will be easier to fix if you are logged in.

Your personal data is entrusted to us! We make invisible changes in each update to better protect your data.

What’s New on Android App?

We now have settings for low vision users, where text size and background colors can be changed to improve contrast. This can all be found under the visual preferences tab.

The WeWALK app can now be used without a WeWALK cane! We have a new home screen where you can start navigation, display your current address and save your location.

The profile screen has been streamlined and making an account is now easier.

Finally, we’ve reworked all our voices and increased volume.