What is WeWALK?

WeWALK is the world’s most revolutionary smart cane developed for the visually impaired people.


Detects Obstacles

WeWALK detects obstacles above chest level with ultrasonic sensor and warns with vibration.

connetct with phone

Pair with Phone

When paired with WeWALK application, actions such as getting navigation can be performed on WeWALK easily without taking the phone at hand.

google maps and alexa integration

Evolves with Integrations

Each integration developed for WeWALK brings new features with software updates. Integrated with Voice Assistant and Google Maps.


Connects to Smart Phones via Bluetooth 4.2

*Android 4.4 and iOS 10 and above


Detects Obstacles Up To 160cm

finger touch

Control with Touch Pad

*Without white cane part


Voice Control

battery icon

Up to 5 Hours Battery Life

*Depending on Usage


30cm Length

*Without white cane part


430gr Weight

*Without white cane part


Language Support

*Turkish and English for now

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