Enhancing the mobility of the visually impaired.

WeWALK at a glance

WeWALK Cane handle part

Better audio experience with the new speaker

Enhanced durability with its modified case

Lighter and long-lasting with its graphite cane unit

A WeWALKer using WeWALK while crossing the street

Revolutionary Features of WeWALK

An icon that shows Obstacle Detection Distance

Detect Obstacles

WeWALK detects obstacles above chest level with an ultrasonic sensor and vibrates when these objects are near. It alerts users if there is low hanging trees, traffic signs, poles and other obstacles.

Get Blind Friendly Navigation

WeWALK Smart Cane has mobile applications for both iOS and Android. You can save your favorite places and get turn-by-turn and clockwise navigation through the cane while your phone is in your pocket.

You can customize your cane via WeWALK App such as adjusting obstacle detection distance, sound level and more.

Download WeWALK App and start using even you don’t have a WeWALK Smart Cane yet!

WeWALK Application navigation feature interface
What's around me feature interface

Search for Nearby Places and Explore the Area​

WeWALK helps you to find popular places, restaurants, pubs and cafes around you. All you need to do is to choose where to go and get navigation over your WeWALK application.

Learn Bus Timetables and Bus Stops Around You

You can list nearby bus stops and get navigation to them. Also, you can learn which bus is coming and how many minutes left for the next buses.

WeWALK’s public transportation feature is available in more than 1500 cities now.

WeWALK Application Public transportation feature interface

Technical Specs


Connects to Smart Phones via Bluetooth 4.2

*Android 4.4 and iOS 10 and above


Voice Control

250 grams weight

*Without white cane part

Detects Obstacles Up To 160cm

Up to 20 Hours Battery Life*

*Varies on Usage



* WeWALK smartphone app currently supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic.

finger touch

Control with Touch Pad

30cm Length*

*Handle part only

What's Inside the Box?

Are you a company in the assistive technology field or a foundation? Schedule a demo meeting with us to discover WeWALK Smart Cane!


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WeWALK Smart Cane

Smart Cane for the Visually Impaired