Product Updates in May

We want to share product updates, which we were working in May and which will be released soon.

We solved these bugs;

  1. We fixed the problem with the navigation sound not being heard and the voice menu not working after the screen has locked in iOS. One of the most important features of WeWALK was that “no need to hold the phone”. With this solution, we hope you can experience WeWALK better.
  2. The problem that caused the sound to come from the ear speaker was solved.
  3. Even though you were on the right track during navigation, “wrong direction” warning was occurring. We have now removed this feature to resolve the issue quickly. We will add this feature when we make it more stable. So how do you know if you’re on the wrong path now? In fact, one of the methods you are familiar with, you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction by controlling the decrease or increase in distance as you walk.
  4. Fixed issue where saved locations in voice menu do not appear.
  5. The problem with saving location via application is solved.
  6. Fixed the issue that the microphone was not triggered when using Alexa integration. When you press and hold the microphone on your WeWALK, your phone listens to you and Alexa replies.
  7. On Android, Alexa integration was working only when the headset was plugged in. Now, while the headset was not plugged in, we gave the response from the phone speaker.
  8. The info in the integration screens was editable and erasable. The problem of deletion of the integration info has solved.
  9. When your device and your application are in English, some text and screens were Turkish. We’ve fixed language problem at texts.
  10. Fixed the problem of application crash because of the deletion of a saved location.
  11. On Android devices, the dysfunction of 100% setting for WeWALK device volume setting has been solved.
  12. Fixed the issue where the application wasn’t showing “Charging” information while the device was charging.
  13. Corrected special “Actions” (an iOS feature that provides additional options for lists and buttons, used with a swipe up and down) for editing the list of saved locations.
  14. Fixed the text disappear problems on Android devices.
  15. Fixed “This location is already saved” error when trying to save a new location.
  16. Incorrect info changed in voice menu information page. Simply double-click on the touchpad to open the voice menu.

We have also developed the following features for iOS and Android;

  1. While navigating, we have received some feedbacks like the distance is increasing abruptly while the distance is decreasing. When we examined the problem, we found that it was not fully comprehensible that a new phase of navigation has started. In order to increase comprehensibility, we added the step number to each of the steps. If you encounter a situation where the distance suddenly increases, you can see whether the number of steps has increased. Note: In the following stages we intend to provide an easier experience with more intuitive improvements.
  2. We added the Registration and Profile screens. This way, you can create your account for next personal features, now. In addition, with this development, you will be able to manage the data you allow under GDPR. If you have a WeWALK account for any request for protection of personal data, there will be a possibility to access requested information tagged with profile feature. We recommend that all WeWALK users register and create their profiles. Note: You can find detailed information about your personal data and the collected data at the section of the legal texts in the application.
  3. While navigation, there were “End Navigation” button displayed on the screen. We changed the end navigation action because this button caused confusion. During the navigation, you can swipe from the bottom to the top of the WeWALK on the touchpad to reach End Navigation option.
  4. When your device is fully charged, we give a notification now. In addition, WeWALK device gives a sound when it is fully charged, even if it is not connected with pair application.

An additional note about our Android app:

Due to background restrictions on Android 9, microphone control cannot be performed ie. when your phone is in the pocket; the application is in the background. For this reason, we are able to provide the Alexa experience for our Android 9 and 10 users temporarily only when the application is at the foreground. We continue our work to solve the problem.